about tambo


tambo: flood research project - cia mooney (purchased image shutterstock)

what to know

tambo is an exploration of flood control barriers.

the first goal is to research the effectiveness and viability of solutions across the globe knowing that resource management and infrastructure (both human-made and natural) are critical to preparations for wilder weather and rising sea levels. globally, floods are the number one disaster destroying lives and property.

there are many agencies and policies in place that attend to flood prevention, coastal berms, soil erosion, wetlands restoration, disaster relief and watershed management. there are many ideas for floating cities when coastlines diminish and island nations vanish.

today, however, there is a lack of access to flood barriers in communities most at risk. other than the sandbag, which has its limitations, we questioned why so many scalable solutions exist and so few are deployed. 

tambo is an open source project where research will serve to inform the next steps and opportunity for sharing our findings. 

more to come...