a curious mind

violent acts

I write this poem as the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings has passed and another school shooting has happened. The horrific murder of teachers, principal and students ripped me to the core.  

If you, like me, find gun violence intolerable, then please support --http://www.bradycampaign.org/

Thank you, 


christmas in america


Small hands reach out,

mittens dangling from

puffy parkas wiggle and

wave good-bye to carpools

streaming through frosted light.


Small smiles break

across rosy cheeks,

then vanish through

churning doors.


Small desks in a row,

teachers bend to curious minds

sponging 2+2 and alphabet soup.

Poster paint handprints pinned

to the wall. Lascaux lives on.


The air cracks.


Small faces peek out

from hiding places.

Black steel cuts the

hush. What lessons

did we learn today



Small hands reach out,

fingers eager to be held

fall limp across the cold

floor of our existence.


A nation's tears cannot

revive the innocence lost.