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flood control barriers?

sandbag question - cia mooney

floods are the #1 disaster worldwide resulting in loss of life and property damage.

when modern climate causes water levels to rise and polar ice to melt, why is it that our most common measure to flood protection is the humble sandbag?

cost is clearly a factor, but there are many compelling and functional alternatives for region's most often at risk. what would offset the initial cost versus the price of disaster relief that follows? riverfront towns or coastal areas may have berms and levies to control spilling waterways or ocean tides, but at a local level, why are there so few flood barriers available?


after researching methods and products used around the globe, we've found some worthy solutions. the cost and distribution of flood barriers are major stumbling blocks. many local communities provide individual homeowners with as few as 8 sandbag pouches, which basically seals a single doorway. otherwise, you're on your own.

there's got to be a better way.

flood control perimeter - cia mooney

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