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  drawing - cia mooney

drawing - cia mooney

If Americans decide to end the use of coal, seems only fair we commit to retraining folks mining in Colorado and Utah, along the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana, throughout Appalachia, and those still working the country's earliest coal basins along the Illinois River*.

There's no easy answer to retraining any workforce, especially when the tech future, as distinctly different from mining, so clearly dominates our point of view. the nation's strategic Education plans do not show how workforce disruption will be addressed. the Polish sociologist, Zygmunt Bauman, believes we are in a "liquid modernity" where some of us will make the leap to the new era and some of us will not.

can we meet the challenge and become more mindful of the planetary, employment, and artificial intelligence future that is both blessing and curse? 

To counterbalance any further deterioration of human senses -- meaning the geo-political sense, the human dignity sense and the environmental sensibility -- we start from a new scratch pad where education is decoupled from the past.

How can we do better facing disruption?

I don't have the answers, but see that the paradign shift in education and human learning as a state of "infinite beta"

  drawing - cia mooney

drawing - cia mooney

in drawing the tomb for coal, i imagined it placed at the mouth of the last coal shaft to be mined, thinking the miners and the nation deserve a formal place of remembrance. 


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