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What solutions to flood control and flood barriers already exist today? I went looking for answers.

The world of emergency preparedness is caught between yesterday and today. An internet search delivers up the Army Corps of Engineers studying 4 foot round tubes made from geo-textiles that would wrap around structures, ribbon along rivers and defend eroding beaches. Another found the Chinese deploying gabions, huge wire cages filled with stone. Then there are modular barrier walls and membrane systems used in Europe. I looked up sandbags and found that I could get 8 bags if I lived in the flood zone in my area. Hmmm...8 bags. That's about enough to fill one doorway.

What struck me was the breadth of solutions and the lack of implementation of any or at the very least, visibility to their deployment in america. We continually rely on the strong backs of the National Guard and the humble sandbag. Stating the obvious -- we know water levels will rise. We know the coastal regions and watershed systems will fill as snowcaps and fresh water glaciers crack, then slide into salty seas.

Have we thought this through and what are the options?

Tambo is the name for a project that I'm working on to discover more about flood control and flood prevention. Would be cool to connect to folks who know this world.

write me -- hello@ciamooney.com

do we need a flexible perimeter solution?

do we need a flexible perimeter solution?