from benchtop to market

I have an idea...


the fuzzy front end of an idea is a place to explore the unknown by researching, observing, studying, and asking questions. it's a foundational step, but to get out of the fog there are guiding practices that industrial designers employ to explore and clearly define problems.  

where do i start?

if you are uncertain how to proceed with a new or untried idea, then welcome to industrial design. let determination be your guide.

TV shows, like shark tank or project runway, expose the creative process to a national audience highlighting a few of the challenges in bringing new ideas to market, but there's plenty of work that goes unseen.

today, crowdfunding offers help to fledgling innovators, product creators, and entrepreneurs. check kickstarter and indiegogo for ideas on how others approach the marketplace. 

industrial designers help businesses innovate, get to market, and grow. the profession fuses process and creativity through research, analysis, idea creation, product development, and market readiness. to reach a clear and differentiating point of view, the industrial designer is a strategic partner dovetailing with individuals and businesses to uncover opportunity. 

    10 Things.

    industrial designers can help you get from benchtop to market, but here are 10 things to consider before you start:

    1. who is the customer or end user? do you understand their needs, behaviors, and desires? 

    2. what are the barriers to entering the market and what is the scale of the market space?

    3. do you understand the competition? how is your idea different, better, or disruptive?

    4. how and where will your idea be sold? distribution and channel strategies are critical. 

    5. do you have a business plan to grow beyond one idea and do you know how to build a brand?

    6. is the idea technically viable or are you breaking exploratory ground?

    7. do you understand the capital required to go from benchtop to market and from business start-up to business scaling up?

    8. where will you get the funding? today. tomorrow.

    9. do you have a patent for your idea? have you looked to see if others have similar ideas? 

    10. do you understand general product costs and target pricing objectives?